Chris Hartwick
Mouth Artist
Chris Hartwick

Chris Hartwick is a graphic designer at Bob Jones University, and a painter who specializes in mouth art. The accuracy and detail of his work has garnered for him a reputation of distinction among art aficionados and admirers, as he has been dubbed an award-winning artist an exceptional graphic designer by a number of organizations. The outgoing, energetic, creative and whimsical artist was born with arthrogryposis, a muscular disease, and he paints with his mouth. As a critically lauded graphic designer, Mr. Hartwick is renowned for his creation of advertisements and layouts for catalogs and magazines, and his design of print materials which promote video products. His vibrant designs are all the more remarkable because he is working with a physical disability, and he does all his painting with his mouth. Mr. Hartwick exhibits his work locally at the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, S.C., and he also has an online portfolio and participates in national and international shows.


Mr. Hartwick has maintained a long-standing love for art, and he has embraced its splendor as a creative and charming artist who positively influences and motivates those who behold his work. Ever passionate about creating artwork on a local and national basis, Mr. Hartwork seeks to empower people by making use of rose motifs, and designing pieces that exemplify lucidity, unblemished precision and pulsating color. He illustrates the sacred capacity of mankind to blossom in the face of affliction, and for his spirited efforts, Mr. Hartwick received the Rembrandt Award for an outstanding testimonial from a person with a disability from Faith Baptist Church. He continues to strive for excellence as a detailed and graphic artist in his every endeavor.


Please come and view Chris Hartwick’s work at Greenville Open Studios in Greenville, South Carolina on November 4th, 5th and 6th 2011. Members of the community will be able to come and speak with local artists and view their work.


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Chris Hartwick
Graphic Designer, Painter
Bob Jones University
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