Chris Hartwick
Mouth Artist
Chris Hartwick, At a Glance

Chris Hartwick has spent nearly two decades honing a skill set in the areas of graphic design and painting. He received a Bachelor of Science in graphic design from Bob Jones University, where he became well-known for his artistic dexterity, especially since he was using his mouth to create art. He began participating in art competitions that were held at the school, and won awards and earned accolades for his artwork. He was acknowledged as a member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists association, an organization which is based in Liechtenstein, Europe that helps disabled artists to become increasingly self-sufficient by exhibiting and producing their work around the world. Through the illustrious organization, Mr. Hartwick has had six drawings published as greeting cards. He is also a member of the Greenville, South Carolina chapter of Upstate Visual Arts, Inc., and the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, South Carolina. Currently, Mr. Hartwick’s favorite mediums include the ballpoint pen, gouache, and watercolor. He has begun to learn to make batiks with the guidance of some friends. He looks forward to continuing his work at the university as a graphic designer, and to exhibiting his artistic works in a greater number of galleries nationwide and in Europe.

Chris Hartwick
Graphic Designer, Painter
Bob Jones University
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